Contest Rules

Please follow the Baker rules on this page, and also these additional rules:
  1. You may only enter one cupcake per category. 
  2. For each category you are entering, please submit three cupcakes for judging. Exception: if you are entering the Best Decorated Single contest, please submit only one cupcake for judging. You can let your best talent shine with only one masterpiece required for the judges.(however, you still need to bring a minimum of 2 doz. cupcakes of some sort to share in order to be eligible for the contest)
  3. For this competition, cupcakes must be regular sized. Also, please note that cupcakes will not be refrigerated, so consider ingredients that may melt or spoil and affect overall judging. 
  4. All competing bakers are permitted to enter one cupcake in one category of the competition.
  5. Bakers must bring at least 24 of each kind.  To enter two categories of the competition  6 doz.cupcakes. Bakers who bring at least 8 doz or more are permitted to enter all three categories. 
  6. For the Best Decorated Group / Theme, you need to have at least 3 or more individual cupcakes that share a theme, or create a theme when grouped together.  You will only need to submit one set of grouped cupcakes for judging while bringing a total of at least 2 dozen to qualify an entry into the contest.
  7. The grand overall winning cupcake will be selected by the scout master of BSA Troop 334 and he will award his Scout Master award for the" Best in Show".
  8. Your cupcake decorations need to be edible for the most part.  The best decorated cupcakes should be a pastry and not a craft construction project. Your creative use of frosting, fondant and other food products will be judged more highly than if you use paper or plastic items.

Bakers can register HERE if you intend to submit cupcakes for the contest.
Deadline to enter as a baker is April 4