Baker Rules & Registration

Do you want to bring some cupcakes? 


Non-Competition Rules


- Cupcakes should be your own creation but you may use any recipe.  But be aware that our judges can spot cupcakes from a box mix, so you limit your chance to win the contest if you entry is not from scratch.
- A minimum of two dozen (24) cupcakes is required to enter as a baker in any category. If you bring 6 dozen or more, you can be listed as a sponsor with advertising for your bakery business.
- You may submit more than one type of cupcake; each type of cupcake you submit will need to be registered separately, and at least two dozen of each type will need to be made for the Cupcake Camp.
- Cupcakes are to be classic cupcake pan size or smaller (mini cupcakes [including cupcake pops!] are welcome, however we don’t have room for giant cupcakes).
- Cupcakes should be edible, with the exception of some decorative elements (we trust your common sense).

- Your cupcakes will be displayed by you. If you are not able to stay to distribute your cupcakes, they can be placed on the community table and dispensed by one of our volunteers.  If you want to provide cupcakes, but are unable to get them to the event yourself, contact us to arrange for pick-up. 
- Cupcakes will not be refrigerated, so please avoid using ingredients that may melt or spoil.

- You have the option to create a themed display for your cupcakes (if you have business cards, bring them to share!) but please keep in mind, you will be sharing space with other bakers.
- You are welcome to refill your display as necessary and volunteers will also be available to help you. There will be space under the table to store extra cupcakes (in your own container or cooler--please label your property).
- Since these are the cupcakes that the public will be eating, you will need to fill out a display sign with your name, title of cupcake, and cupcake ingredients (for allergy warnings).
- Please wear gloves or bring tongs to handle the cupcakes safely to the public.
- We encourage entrants to submit MORE than two dozen cupcakes. The more cupcakes we receive, the more that we can share!
- Deadline to enter as a baker is April 4


Want to be part of the contest? 


Please read these additional rules: Contest Rules 


Bakers Checklist


-containers with your name label
-coolers (if needed) with your name label
-cupcake stands/displays (if possible)
-business cards (if you have any, this is a great way for you to put your best sweet tooth out
-themed display (optional)
-cute outfit (optional)
-title of cupcake(s) and ingredients on display card (for allergy purposes, each ingredient
must be listed)
-frosting (if needed)
-spatula (if needed)

Baker Registration


If you cannot see the Baker Registration form, please email your Name, Business/Company name (if applicable), Phone Number (let us know if you can receive texts), Email Address, Address (include Street, City and Zip Code), how you heard about Cupcake Camp Akron, whether you are an Amateur (Student) or Professional (Credentials, Business Owner or are employed by a Bakery/Restaurant/Shop), whether you are entering the Baker's contest or not, how many cupcakes you are bringing (the more, the merrier!) and Name of cupcake(s) (please list and number each cupcake style you plan to bring--you can always change your mind later) to Please use” Cupcake Camp Baker” as the subject line.

 If you complete this form below, be sure to hit the "Send" button when finished.