How It Works

What is Cupcake Camp?

Cupcake Camp is just a gathering to share and enjoy cupcakes! There are no fees, no onsite baking, and no baking is required to eat. Cupcake camps have been held all over the world and now Akron is hosting its very first one. To see where else these have been held go to

This is an event for cupcake lovers, so you can: - bake cupcakes for competition - bake cupcakes to bring - just eat cupcakes!

  1. No limit on how many cupcakes you can bring! Please bake at least 24 cupcakes if you plan to bring some.
  2. You need to have your cupcakes (how much and what type) registered by April 4th at noon -otherwise we may have to do the unthinkable and reject your precious cupcakes (o noes!). Please have your cupcakes ready to serve when you arrive.
  3. In true BarCamp style, we will have 15 min. timeslot schedules for tasting different types of cupcakes. The schedule will be posted the day of.
  4. Be prepared to take leftover cupcakes home, if there are any!
  5. We will have a Best Tasting, Best Decorated Single, and Best Decorated Group / Theme category.  (try to be more creative than just chocolate -- not that we don't like it!). You can enter the amateur  or the professional division.