This is February 2016, and the time of year that we would be gearing up for the next Cupcake Camp Akron.  With regrets, the committee who works hard to produce this event has decided to take a break and postpone the event this spring.  To those bakers and attendees who faithfully attended for the past three years, we thank you!  You are the reason that our event was so successful in the past.  Please keep the web address; there may be a resurrection of this or some similar event in the future. Who knows? Maybe we will do a cookie camp? In the mean time, enjoy the blog and photos from our past Cupcake Camps.

 The third annual Cupcake Camp Akron was held on April 11, 2015 from Noon to 2pm in the Parish Life Center at Queen of Heaven Church in Green, Ohio.  It was another awesome event where you got to come and eat your fill of cupcakes....and the best part is that it is all FREE!  This event joins with a world wide gathering of people who like to bake cupcakes and people who like to eat them.  See where Cupcake Camps have been  held in other major cities of the world.   You may be asking yourself, "self, this sounds too good to be true?"  Just click on the tab "How it Works" to get more facts about what the day was like. The Mike Miller Band was on hand again to provide live music while we enjoyed our fill of cupcakes, and could dance off some of that sugar. The first 100  who arrived received a free gift from Akron General Medical Center ---don't worry, it is not a flu shot --hehehe, it was a set of measuring spoons. Those who brought their Eventbrite  free tickets, were admitted first in the door.
We had about 2,400 cupcakes there and hundreds of eaters. So everyone got to  eat your fill.   There were even some remaining cupcakes at the end of the camp, so be made take out boxes available for a small contribution. For only $5 you got to fill a box and enjoy more cupcakes at home.  Sorry, no outside containers were permitted in the door.  But hey, you bakers are allowed to bring your cupcakes in containers unless you are pretty good at juggling.  Speaking of are the aprons that the first place bakers won along with a tote from Akron General Hospital filled with goodies from our sponsors.

We also have another apron for the Scoutmaster's Best in Show cupcake baker.
Our winning bakers took home one of these impressive aprons that they can wear or display at their bakery.
Our winners were:
Best Decorated Professional--Kerri's Confections' "Peacock"

Best Decorated Group / Theme Professional-- Kerri's Confections "By the Lakeside"

Best Tasting Professional--Chocolate Caramel--B's Sweet Bakery

Best Decorated Amateur--Allison Gmerek "Hamburger and French Fries"

Best Decorated Group / Theme Amateur--Ann Modzel "Welcome Spring"

Best Tasting Amateur--Valerie Greene "Lemon Blueberry Burst"

Scoutmaster Best in Show--Lisa O'Brien  "Soaring Eagle Maple Bacon"

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So who determined the winning cupcakes?
Our judges this year were Bob Scofield, chef &restaurateur, returning again for another go.  He just can't get enough of those yummy treats.  Our second judge is Katie Byard,  food editor of the Akron Beacon Journal.  She has a good eye for picking out winners. Our third judge is Bob Jones, multimedia journalist for TV5-WEWS Akron Bureau.  He will sort out the winners who deserve to be in the headlines. Our fourth judge is Dan Wallace, a culinary student at the University of Akron. He knows an A+ cupcake when he sees one.  More details about our judges are available on the "Judges" page. 
Here are some more pics of the cupcakes we sampled.

 Last yearTracy Carloss, news reporter, aired a segment on her 6 & 11pm news broadcast on WEWS TV 5.  Here is a glimpse of what Cupcake Camp looks like. .
 Cupcake eaters  bought chances to win fantastic prizes in 25 raffle baskets, such as a one month family membership to Akron General LifeStyles, a one hour  massage by Sean Freeman, tickets to see the Akron Rubber Ducks, and gift cards to places like West Side Bakery and Hartville Hardware.
REITER DAIRY once again sponsored Cupcake Camp Akron as the official beverage!!

Brodie says, "I got cake; I need milk"

"Desert Desserts"
Scoutmaster's Best in Show
Rachel Bruce of Creative Cakes

"Almond Apple Pie"
First place Best Tasting,  amateur division
Dana Kocsis       

"Banana Split"
 First Place Best Tasting, Professional Division
Kerri Gleisinger of Kerri's Confections

"Unbeetable Salty-Sweet Chocolate"
First Place Most Unusual Ingredient, Amateur Division
Mary Pat Kolesar 

"Sweet Potato Pie"
First Place Most Unusual Ingredient, Professional Division
Rachel Bruce of Creative Cakes

"Under the Sea"
Best Decorated, Amateur Division
Sarah Kolesar

Best Decorated, Professional Division
Kerri Gleisinger, Kerri's Confections

More photos of some of the yummy cupcakes that we all enjoyed at this awesome event are available in the "Photo" page!


Becky Oram     

I am the baker and owner of Ellie B's Baked Goods. We can be found at Farmer's Markets, festivals, craft shows, and other events around town. We also take special orders, big or small! Check us out at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram! 

Briana Holloway

 Briana has been baking since the age of 6. She is a professional baker that strives to provide no chemicals or preservatives to her treats. Her passion for baking is a strong one, and plans to open a retail bakery in the future. Briana was first place winner of Best Tasting cupcake in Akron's first Cupcake Camp.  

Kerri Gleisinger

Kerri owns a bakery called Kerri's Confections.  As seen here, she was a winner in the 2nd Cupcake Camp Akron with both a Best Decorated and Best Tasting cupcake. She is returning this year to remain the defending champion.     

Tami McDiffitt

My business is called TT's Cupcakes. As a director for a local child care center, I'm around kids all day long.  My kids LOVE goodies so started baking. I baked cakes, I made candies, I baked pies and sooner or later I baked cupcakes.  My parents at school got to experience everything under the sun; they've tried it all!  Now I can say, these cupcakes are made with love and they are wonderfully sinful!  People can check out my cupcakes at

Kelly Renick is the mother of Joe Cantwell,  Patrol Leader  BSA Troop 334.  
My favorite ingredients are less about their use or popularity, and more about their taste.  I am not a "foodie" by any means, I like to cook traditional comfort foods, and cupcakes are most definitely one of my comfort food go to deserts.  My favorite flavor combinations are chocolate and caramel, or chocolate and cherry.
If I could meet a Master Chef, it would be Chef Michael Symon.  I like that he is a fellow native Ohioan and describes his approach to food as "meat-centric".  I am a meat and potatoes kind of gal, and his cooking is right up my alley!
In my family I am known for my chocolate covered cherry cupcakes.  They smell so delicious while they are baking, that they often disappear off the cooling rack before they are even frosted. 
The first thing I ever baked was actually a microwave cake when I was 6 years old.  It wasn't too pretty,  but I decorated it, and proudly presented my first grade masterpiece to my Dad.  Bless his heart he actually ate it! 
I look forward to trying all of the different varieties at Cupcake Camp and picking up some new ideas.