We are gearing up for the second annual Cupcake Camp Akron.  It will be held on May 10th 2014 from 12 -2pm in the Parish Life Center at Queen of Heaven Church in Green, Ohio.  It promises to be another awesome event where you get to come and eat your fill of cupcakes....and the best part is that it is all FREE!  This is an event that is part of a world wide gathering of people who like to bake cupcakes and people who like to eat them.  See where Cupcake Camps have been  held in other major cities of the world.    www.cupcakecamp.org   You may be asking yourself, "self, this sounds too good to be true?"  Just click on the tab "How it Works" to get more facts about what the day will be like. 
Last year we had hundreds of cupcake eaters who had their fill of thousands of cupcakes.  If you want to come and eat cupcakes, click on the link to Eventbrite to sign up for free tickets. In the event of a large crowd, the ticket holders will be admitted before the walk-ins.  If you want to bake them and bring them to share, click on the "Bakers" tab and sign up.  We also will have celebrity judges here to taste the entries and decide who will walk home with the title of "Best Tasting", "Most Unusual Ingredient", or "Best Decorated" cupcake.  There are categories for amateur as  well as professional bakers, so everyone is encouraged to enter.  We also plan to have a repeat performance of the Mike Miller Band here to keep your toes tappin' and help you work off some of that sugar.
Scroll down to see some of the finalists and other entries from last year that will make your mouth water.  Cupcake Camps always have a charity that they are supporting and this year we are again supporting BSA Troop 334 who is hosting this event.  A free will donation will be accepted at the event, or if you would like to help by being a sponsor, click on the "sponsor" tab to see how you can support the troop. We are having a raffle with baskets of prizes donated by our sponsors.  You may win a one month family membership to Akron General LifeStyles, a one hour massage by Sean Freeman, tickets to see the Akron Rubber Ducks, or something special for Mom for Mother's Day.
REITER DAIRY is once again helping to sponsor Cupcake Camp Akron as the official beverage!!

Brodie says, "I got cake; I need milk"

Each of our winning bakers will be presented with one of these prestigious Cupcake Camp Akron chef's aprons that can be worn or displayed at their bakery.

"Oh My Ganache" 
First place Best Tasting,  amateur division
Valarie Wallick           

"Starry Night" First Place
Best decorated, professional
Heather Costa from
 Cupcake Bliss 

"Pancake Breakfast" 1st place
Most Unusual Ingredient,
Professional division
Brianna Spurrell  from
Honey Bee's Sweet Treats

First Place
"Peanut Butter Explosion"

Best Tasting, professional div.
Brianna Spurrell from 
Honey Bee's Sweet Treats

"Maple Bacon Magic" 1st place
Most Unusual Ingredient
Amateur division
Allyson Johnson

"Campfire S'mores" First Place
Best Decorated, 
Amateur division
Stephanie Love

More photos of some of the yummy cupcakes that we all enjoyed at this awesome event are available in the "Photo" page!


Renee Fraleigh of The Creative Cupcake Co began baking cupcakes out of her home kitchen for her friends and family.  Prior to starting her business, she graduated from the University of Akron and received her Bachelor's Degree in Middle Level Education and her Master's Degree in Instructional Technology.  Renee enjoyed baking on the side as she had a full time job as an 8th grade teacher-- another job she loved. In the spring of 2012, when she and her husband, Kevin, found out they were expecting in November, she made the decision to become a stay-at-home mom after having her baby and devote more time to her cupcake business as well.  Now, Renee, Kevin, and their daughter, Madison, enjoy trying all of the new creations Renee comes up with and watching her business grow!  She is based out of Green, Ohio and continues to bake out of her home kitchen.    

  Jean Covel  found that in November 2011 her fairy tale dream came true when she opened her cupcake bakery called "Cupcake Castle".   We have cupcake decorating daily and cater for all occasions.  When your special princess or prince  wants to host a birthday party fit for royalty, we can help.  The guests will be able to decorate their own cupcakes, and can even arrange for the visit of a costumed princess.  Our website is cupcakecastle.net We offer gourmet cupcakes in over 150 flavors.

My name is Briana Spurrell and I have enjoyed baking ever since I was little. I actually started baking in an Easy Bake Oven when I was 10yrs old. Now that I have gotten older I have learned to make many desserts from scratch. I like to take recipes and change them to make them my own, so that everything I produce is original. I did not go to culinary school everything I do is self-taught!

I started selling baked goods out of the home in 2010, and recently in June 2012 I opened a storefront which is located on the ground floor of the Belden Village Tower across from the mall and by Cici’s Pizza. My bakery is named "Honey Bees Sweet Treats"  Our website is www.honeybeesweettreats.com and we are also on Facebook. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Kelly Renick is the mother of Joe Cantwell,  Patrol Leader  BSA Troop 334.  
My favorite ingredients are less about their use or popularity, and more about their taste.  I am not a "foodie" by any means, I like to cook traditional comfort foods, and cupcakes are most definitely one of my comfort food go to deserts.  My favorite flavor combinations are chocolate and caramel, or chocolate and cherry.
If I could meet a Master Chef, it would be Chef Michael Symon.  I like that he is a fellow native Ohioan and describes his approach to food as "meat-centric".  I am a meat and potatoes kind of gal, and his cooking is right up my alley!
In my family I am known for my chocolate covered cherry cupcakes.  They smell so delicious while they are baking, that they often disappear off the cooling rack before they are even frosted. 
The first thing I ever baked was actually a microwave cake when I was 6 years old.  It wasn't too pretty,  but I decorated it, and proudly presented my first grade masterpiece to my Dad.  Bless his heart he actually ate it! 
I look forward to trying all of the different varieties at Cupcake Camp and picking up some new ideas.